Indians Take Over the World

Indians Take Over the World

This video and sport(?), Mallakhamb, reaffirms how the Indian people brought about the Kama Sutra, and why they will take over the world with their countless armies of triple-jointed contortionist climbing gymnast soldiers… all hoped up on Chaat!

I surrender.

Saw this on Devour… my newest addiction.

This Guy is CRAP!

This Guy is CRAP!

Have we seen this?

This guy hates your business card, rolladexes and probably puppies.

But he can get a crowd, damn it!

Here’s my business card. It’s on a 110lb paper stock with an aqueous coating. It’s terrible for the environment, but feels like silk. 1.5″x3.5″ of raw business contact identification. Stolze Priniting here in St. Louis made these happen:

I like it, but I bet it gets lost in a rolladex. Damn.

Sony vs. Tango Juice

Sony vs. Tango Juice

So the other day I posted a Sony Bravia commercial that is probably my favorite pointless commercial of all time.

Here it is again, along with the rest of the campaign:

(This is all stop motion, no CGI, by the way)

I know, I know. It’s the brilliant color and beautiful images that the TV has. I’m already second guessing the initial intent of this post, which is that this Bravia spot is really just an amazing execution affixed to a product or brand. However, this was a related video to the original, that I saw yesterday:

Now… I think I’m prepared to propose that this commercial for Tango Juice is actually a better, more brand specific commercial. Plus, I like how they piggybacked on another successful spot to effectively push their product.

I am arguing with myself, so I know someone out there disagrees with me. Comment. Let me know your thoughts.

Also, really quick. I want to give a shout out to the song featured in the bouncy ball Bravia commercial. That’s Jose Gonzales covering the song Heartbeats by The Knife. His awesome voice takes that song to an amazing level, but I really want to speak a bit about the The Knife version. Listen to this song.

Heartbeats – The Knife (mp3)

This song came out in 2003, and I know, in my “in denial” state of how old I am, 2003 doesn’t feel like all that long ago. But when you think back to what was out at the time, this song is super progressive… in a throwback sort of way (It came out the same year as Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne, Loose Yourself by Eminem and pretty much witnessed the rise of Jack Johnson).

This song was on the front line of the current hipster scene, and and has lead the way for some questionably awesome repercussions including but not limited to really tight pants, funky design, re-synthing America and apparently scrunchies and everything else at American Apparel.

You don’t believe this song is influential or relevant? Check out this track off the mixtape Sky High by Mr. Hipster himself Kanye West:

High Heartbeats – Kanye West (mp3)

Hope you like.

Bird Dropping #2

Bird Dropping #2

The Surly Birds has quickly climbed high on my list of daily blogs to check.

These guys, ok one of them is my college roommate Scott, are consistently hilarious. It’s almost a Seinfeldian blog about nothing, but at its core is a blog about everything. The Surly Birds make casual observations about not so casual topics, and find ways to make them interesting, funny and concise all at the same time.

My top posts thus far are:

Inclined Plane: The Worst of the Simple Machines

Just Throw It Away

People love to condescend about VCRs

Check out this blog, and enjoy their second viral video installment featuring Let Her Go by Hootie and the Blowfish. I think?

April Fools Prank 2009

April Fools Prank 2009

We got my friend Bri pretty good.

Check it out:

Brian Waite and Darin Cox were the men this April Fools Day. A great plan, that went of with out a hitch.

I think?

Upon watching the video I swear there is a moment where Bri looks directly at the camera and gets that glimmer of “I’m being set up!”. You tell me?

Either way it was fun, and she was a good sport if she caught on. Honestly, I don’t know how she didn’t. The glass was definitely not car window glass, the park was ridiculously packed with people and Brian was smiling like he had just kissed a girl for the first time throughout the entire event.

“Call Darin”


“I don’t know, just call him”

“What can Darin do about your car getting stolen?”

Oh… Bwaite.

Happy April everyone. Summer is right around the corner.

Fun work

Martin Luther King Tribute

I wanted to attempt this style  in February, and being Black History Month I chose the Rev. as my muse.

His face is made up of the words of his epic Lincoln Memorial “I have a dream…” speech.

Take a look. I am having it framed as I type.

Smoking Goat Branding

I like beer.

Beer high in flavor, alcohol and price. I brew at home, but wouldn’t consider myself very good at this point. I’m working on it.

We have friends in Louisiana who I would consider really good. I designed some branding for their forthcoming brewery down there.

The Smoking Goat will hopefully be amazing, especially if I get some good beer out of the deal.

Have a look. Then drink a beer and have a look again. Continue this process until the logo looks awesome.

New Poster

This is a poster I made for my buddy Dustin.

A classic quote from him as we drove by Effingham, IL’s infamous and huge cross.

I thought it would look good in his new apartment.

Sheltered Perceptions

I recently got the chance to work on a project for the Humane Society. Given the fact that every time I walk into an animal shelter I have to be talked down from taking home every animal in the place, I was happy to help in anyway I could.

With the majority of pet buying in the United States coming from breeders, mall pet shops and unfortunately mills, animal shelters (specifically the Humane Society) are left overflowing with pets that need loving homes. They are running into a perception problem however, and many misconceptions about shelter pets are accepted as fact, and often repeated as such.

To get past this, we decided to take the problem head on, and address the most common misconceptions individually.

Here is where we landed:

Humane Society - Misconceptions"Mutt"

Humane Society - Misconceptions - "Bark"

Lauren and Dan sit’n in a tree…

My good friend Lauren is getting married in July, and though I am extremely jealous of her fiance Dan (don’t tell my wife), I made their save the date cards.

I use VistaPrint to print these types of things. Though the quality suffers, and the rumor is that they are destroying local community printers nationwide, for the price they can’t be beat. Check them out next time you want to customize your own holiday card or invitation.

Here’s how Lauren’s STDs turned out: