Featured Work

Luxco Website Exploration

Welp… when you go up against the great Randy Smith, sometimes you get burned. That is definitely the case when you fight for his design in the pitch (which I did). Stay tuned to the soon-to-be-live Luxco.com from Randy and our DDB/Rodgers Townsend team. But in the mean time, take a look at where I took the design, and let me know what you think.

Agency Work

AT&T Ad Solutions

My first project at RT was the AT&T Advertising Solutions website. You should have seen the PSD for this thing. Again trying to create an experience which tells the overarching story through simplified navigation such as scrolling and left and right arrows. Again used HTML5 and Java Script to create parallax effect and various carrousels.

Dot Foods Website

Dot Foods is the nations leading Re-distributor of food. They needed a dynamic site which not only served up the ins and outs of re-distribution and their product line up, but also an in depth look at this incredibly successful family owned business. We incorporated an iconic Dot truck into their home page header, and let it deliver the most important snippets of info to users from first glance.

Trailnet Rebrand Bike. Walk. Live.

Eagle Days Mark

One of the saving graces of winters in St. Louis is that Bald Eagles apparently love’m. Any given time in mid-January you can go out to the Chain of Rocks Bridge (preferably with spiked coffee), and watch these majestic and thankfully flourishing creatures soar. Its quite amazing once you can feel your toes.

Anyway, I designed the mark for this and upcoming year’s Eagle Days celebration. Although it became a bit of client directed piece, I have included my favorite ideation.

Go out and see the eagles today.

O’Charley’s Restaurants Digital

This isn’t happening now, so I guess it’s OK to post where I was heading with it.

A new Website, Email Template and Twitter strea. I even took a stab at a new logo.

Take a look.

Fun work

Grand Poster for My Office

I wanted to make a minimalistic poster from a photo my wife took while hiking The Grand Canyon last year. Something to hang in my office surrounded by books and design annuals. I wanted it to seem really deep and profound while making me seem way cooler than I actually am.

This is what I did:


Hotter n’ Hot Chips

I like hot things, but Zapp’s Hotter n’ Hot potato chips are almost too much to handle.

I pray I don’t have a cut in my mouth or on my finger before I dig in to a bag. If you can imagine a situation where you might need to scratch your eye in the process of destroying a bag, I recommend aoiding the situation all together.

Scott Lichtenaur wrote these, I made them look hot!

Student work can be fun!

Sometimes I look back at work I did as a student and laugh. That holds true for this campaign I did for Visine in 2005. What can I say, I had dry eyes.

I like it:

Visine Ads

Visine Ads I made while at Mizzou.

Outdoor Visine Execution

Outdoor Visine Execution

Wedding Invites

I designed another Wedding invitation suite last month, and thought it was worth sharing.

I think they are bright, summery and pleasant.

I hope the the wedding is the same.

NDIA St Louis Chapter

When your dad says that an organization he is involved with needs a website, its hard to say no. Especially when I think back to the teams that he coached, meets that he judged and fund raisers that he wrote me a check for because he knew I wasn’t selling a single candy bar.

But, working with a interest group dedicated to bring defense spending and awareness to the St Louis region wa actually a pretty fun project. I wanted to give them something that could be easily manipulated and updated (without ny help from me). I taught a group of men, of which my dad was the youngest (he’s 55), how to use WordPress, and they picked it up in no time.

Check out the site, and learn some stuff about the defense industry in the midwest: