Bachelor’s of Journalism

Advertising/Strategic Communications
University of Missouri
Graduated 2006


DDB/Rodgers Townsend

Interactive Art Director
April 2011 – Present

4ORCE Digital

Senior Visual Designer/Art Director

Other Stuff

Professional Stuff

If I had to boil it down, I am a interactive designer, art director and chronically curious individual. I am 5+ years in at this point, and only think about getting out twice a day, which is above industry standards I think. I am blessed/cursed with the task of ‘creating’ on a daily basis. I am passionate and competent. I am a slave to strategy and think about research as a tool, not a creative killer.

As should be expected, I’m proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, and am functional in Adobe After Effect for motion graphics. Actually I am generally curious and competent in most software except Excel (which has brought me to tears on multiple occasions). I have a lot of experience art directing digital projects including Flash, HTML, CSS and Mobile. I love writing scripts, and am extremely broadcast savvy.

Need more pontification or buzzwords? Ask me anything:

Personal Stuff

I have wife that is way smarter and better looking than me, a fact either she hasn’t realized yet or keeps bottled-up inside. I live in Downtown St. Louis, and between the sound of gunfire and smell of spent grains from the brewery, its a little slice of mid-western heaven. I brew strong/dark beer, like eating Mexican food and my dog is a Cairn terrier (12 lbs. of ferocity). I try to eat locally, and love finding new and unique restaurants (I’m constantly on the look out). I am a music lover, but my attention span lasts all of two days. Then I have to find a new artist, album or song. I have great friends who support and challenge me to be a better person.

I am very fast.